Certain themes of applied sciences, in particular engineering and medical sciences, have in recent years been the subject of rapid and profound change in current research topics. This shift is driven by mathematical modeling, model calibration and the search for direct and inverse problem solutions, using reliable and low-cost advanced analytical and numerical methods to predict monitoring and control. experimental processes. On the other hand, current needs are moving towards different socio-economic domains, for example industrial problems as well as in medicine and medical imaging. These problems will undoubtedly find answers through the research results that will be presented by the participants.

Main Themes of the Workshop

  1. Porous Media and Fluid Mechanics
  2. Evolution Problems
  3. Inverse Probleme
  4. Advanced Numerical Methods
  5. Mathematical Modeling and Control
  6. Image Processing and Deep learning

Industrial day in collaboration with CRTI

Honorary Committee

Pr A. Haiahem
Principle of Badji Mokhtar University , Annaba.

Pr S. Gueroui
Vice Principle of Research and Post Graduation

Pr. M.R. Remita
Vice Principle of Research and Post Graduation

Invited Speakers
  1. O. Pantz, LJAD, Univ.. of Nice - France
  2. A. Saidi , Univ . of Strasbourg - France
  3. S. Bouhouche, CRTI-Alger
  4. M.Tindall , Univ. of Reading - UK
Organising Committee

Nouri Fatma Zohra

  1. Assala Aicha (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  2. Djedaidi Noura (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  3. Hadji Aymen (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  4. Kamouche Nesrine (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  5. Mihoub Med Larbi (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  6. Saci Fateh (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  7. Taallah Frekh (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
Scientific Committee
  1. Aissaoui Med Zine (Univ. Guelma)
  2. Benhamidouche Noureddine (Univ. Msila)
  3. Drabla Salah (Univ. Sétif)
  4. Hadji M. Lakhdar (UBM-Annaba)
  5. Heller Ben (Univ. Sheffield Hallam-UK)
  6. Maouni Messaoud (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  7. Merouani Boubaker (Univ. Sétif)
  8. Mihoub Med Larbi (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  9. Nouri Fatma Zohra(LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
  10. Naire Shailesh (Univ. Keele-UK)
  11. Taallah Frekh (LAM2SIN, UBM-Annaba)
Phd Students :

Aouri Belkis, Azzedine A. Hakim, Benseghir Mounder, Bousbia Farida, Chaouche Abir, Djellali Fayssal, Gouri Nesrine, Hafsi Takoua, Mebirouk Abdelmouemin, Rezgui Hichem.


Morning: Plenaries:

Presentation of problems and different analytical and numerical approaches.


Oral communications and posters will be presented by the participants.
A Half-day will be taken for industry and mathematics with the collaboration of the CRTI.

Practical Informations

The workshop will take place in the university campus at Sidi Ammar. It is addressed in priority to researchers working in the related subjects of the workshop and the number of places is limited. The participants are invited to submit an abstract of their communications as required. The scientific program of the workshop consists of plenary conferences followed by a series of oral communications and posters.



  • Deadline for Abstracts: September 19, 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance: October 01, 2019

Registration Fees :

  • Academic: 10 000 Dzd
  • Phd Students : 6000 Dzd